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5 Things to be avoided to Maintain Health and Fitness

It is said that “health is wealth”; if you don’t posses good health, there is no gain of having lots of wealth. The modern man is more health conscious than the ancient man, and wants to know how to maintain body fitness. In this article, you will come to know 5 things that spoil your health and body fitness and which must be avoided in order to keep your fitness up.
1. Never adopt the habit of sleeping during days and staying up during nights. Even if you get maximum sleep during day, but don’t take rest during the peaceful darkness of nights, your health will be affected greatly. So, always keep in mind that early to bed and early rise must be your choice to keep your health and fitness up.
2. Never miss your breakfast and supper. Missing your breakfast means starting of work with empty stomach which is really a bad practice as far as health is concerned. And sleeping without supper means having a whole night with empty stomach which imparts your face the signs of illness and old-age.
3. Never walk more than your capacity. The habit of walking must not exceed too much as to harm your health.
4. If you get some disease, even a minor one, don’t be careless and get proper treatment unless the disease comes to an end, otherwise your health will be damaged greatly.
5. Don’t work throughout year; take rest through vacation enjoyments or other kinds of recreation at least once a year. It will relax your mind and you will feel healthy.
Avoid all the bad habits given in the article, take proper exercises plus keep your mind tension free and relax as much as you can to keep your health and fitness up.

6 Tips to Cure Cough

Cough is a disease which does not let you sleep throughout the night if you do not pay heed toward the treatment. It becomes a greater problem when a child gets it, because in children the sense of patience is less than elders. In this article, you will learn 6 easy tips on how to treat cough and how to prevent it.
1. The first tip is to use ginger tea to cure the disease. Ginger is a powerful ingredient to control cold and its impact. Boil ginger with tea in water for at least 5 minutes, and then add lemon juice to it. It will be a tasteful drink providing you cough relief, just keep in mind that you take it when it is hot.
2. Secondly, you can cure cold and cough by keeping your feet in hot water. Soaking your feet in hot water will help reduce the impact of cold and cough and even of asthma.
3. Use vitamin C to control cough. Vitamin C is a well-known anti-cough gift by Nature. It will reduce the disease to a large extent.
4. Honey is another great gift by Nature to cure countless diseases. It helps reduce pain and scratches in your throat resulting in cough relief. But, strictly keep in mind that to cure your cough through honey your sugar level must be controlled.
5. To control and prevent cough down the road, take all necessary health precautions in winter season. Take hot drinks, keep your body covered when going outside, and do not expose your chest and head to cold air for a lot time.
6. To cure cough mix butter in tea or hot milk, and take it.
Always try to control cough in initial stages, if in vain, consult some doctor immediately lest is should come up as a killing disease.

Another Secret Of The Brain- Unravelled

The human brain is perhaps the most complicated creation of the world. It has layers, filled with secrets which one could never completely understand. But recently the scientists uncovered an unusual fact about the human brain.
Drugs and addiction are common topics. We are aware of how drugs could induce addiction and recently the scientists questioned this strange phenomenon. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Scientists show how the human brain actually adapts itself to cocaine and becomes addicted to it. Hours after taking cocaine, brain structures start changing and this is the first step to addiction.
Like all other experiments, the tests for this revelation was carried out on mice. Animal tests displayed new brain structures in learning and memory began to develop soon after the drug was taken. The mice with the most brain changes showed a high preference for cocaine. Experts termed this as the brain’s “learning addiction.”
This was the general overview of what had happened. Now lets go in a bit deeper and see exactly how the scientists figured this secret out. The scientists said that the environment in which a drug is taken plays an important role in addiction. In the experiment, the mice were allowed to explore 2 different rooms with different textures and smells. When they had picked a favorite they were injected with cocaine in the other room. Researchers looked inside the brain with a sort of laser microscopy. They were actually looking for dendritic spines which play a huge role in memory formation. More dendritic spines protruded from the brain cells when the mice were given cocaine rather than water. This indicates that new memories were being developed around the drug. It goes on to explain how drug use encourages further drug-seeking behavior. But still researches are not sure about how this theory could help in developing a therapy.

Bird Flu in China-Ducks carrying the virus!

Recently, Chinahas been under attack from bird flu. With 133 human cases and 43 deaths the Chinese researchers were adamant about finding the probable cause and a solution. Chinese scientists started tracking this virus and its evolution. They came up with astonishing results.
The researchers found out that ducks were the main hosts for this bird flu virus in China. The ducks picked up the virus from migrating birds and passed that on to the chickens. The studies showed that humans were infected with a virus called H7N9 due to a contact between the ducks and the chicken at live poultry farms.
The researchers conducted experiments, tests and studies to find out the cause of this outbreak. Let\’s see how they reached this conclusion. The team of researchers took samples from 1,341 ducks, chicken, geese, pigeons, partridge and quail along with fecal and water samples from the live poultry markets. The researchers compared the similarities and the differences in the genetic codes of the influenza virus in the different birds. With this they could find out how the virus was born and how it spread. Their report said that ducks were the main hosts for this virus as they acquired it from migrating birds. The virus was then transferred to the chicken at the live poultry markets and this became the source of human infection.
As we all know, China has introduced a lot of controls on its live poultry markets and after that there have been very few health cases there. Researchers have advised that even more controls should be introduced in the urban live poultry markets in order to control H7N9 and other related viruses. Also, there is a virus H7N7 which affects mammals and its harmful effects are way beyond our knowledge. Therefore these viruses must be controlled and proper management must be provided to all live poultry markets.

Health Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are attracting the modern generation toward them because they offer natural treatment of several diseases and charge less than other medical treatments. The treatment is considered better in many ways; this article will let you know the major health benefits of herbal medicines.
There are many benefits of herbal medicines such as:
• The medicines have all natural qualities, so they do not have any kind of side effect on the patient’s body. Other medicines, no doubt, provide relief and cure medicines, but may have negative effects. But, using herbal medicines, the risk is zero percent.
• They are easily available; in countries like Philippine and India, herbs are available in a great number. It is believed in the countries that none of the disease on the planet earth is impossible to be treated by herbal medicines.
• They are cost effective as well. Lots of money is thrown on treatments by patients, but when they come to know the usefulness of herbal treatment, and cure their disease in this way, it is always easy on their pocket.
• They are effective are considered to be able to cure all kinds of infectious diseases. Even the diseases needing operation of some kind can be treated through herbal remedies. Nature has granted great power to herbs to be effective in treatment of diseases.
• They are prepared following simple patterns. Mostly, herbal doctors prepare the medicines using simple domestic tools and following simple, centuries’ old patterns. Hence, the medicines are prepared easily without any need of expensive tools and complex machinery.
• The expiry of herbal remedies is not like other kinds of medicines. You can keep them protected and use whenever you need, because most of the medicines are not expired for a long time.
All these advantages of herbal medicines are a reason behind their increasing popularity.